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Whether you’re starting the day, winding down or somewhere in between. We have a flower for you.


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Heavenly aromatic and dense hemp buds that have been nurtured by nature, right to your doorstep. Our high CBD hemp flowers are packed with a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes so that you get the full-spectrum experience.

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The Smokable Hemp Difference

Although CBD has many shapes and forms, smokable flower offers the most benefits.

  • Natural
  • Always Full-spectrum
  • Bioavailability/Blood stream
  • User Experience

How are people using CBD Hemp Flowers?

There is an experience for everyone out there with smokable hemp flower. Here are some of the common ways people are using cbd flower.

  • Benefits of the cannabis plant without the “high” from THC.
  • The pleasure of smoking great tasting buds along with health benefits.
  • Some have used hemp flower to replace tobacco or marijuana.

Many recreational and medicinal marijuana users are using hemp to stretch their supply and keep costs down while also enhancing their experience with more variety in cannabinoids and terpenes.