It’s more than a letter, it’s our promise to you. When you find the Hempton H, you know that what you’re holding has been backed by our family of American farmers.

Every part of our family, from farmers to brands, all agree to comply to the standards set forth by the United States department of Agriculture.

When the 2018 Farm Bill was passed, farming industrial hemp became possible, again. By being designated an agricultural commodity, many states are signing on to allow the crop to be grown within their borders and we’re here to ensure consistency and integrity that supports the American farmer and their communities as a whole.


While the CBD craze is in full force, as farmers, we know what the whole plant can do. Yes, for high quality, American made hemp-based CBD products, but there is so much more.

Many parts of the whole plant have been harvested for everything from health and wellness products with the seed oil and seeds to clothing, fuel and building materials.

At Hempton Farms, we believe in the power of what this entire plant can do. From the farmer through the factory, Hempton is here to help with all of it.


While some select states have different levels of legalization of this genus of plant, it’s good to know that High THC Cannabis (“Marijuana”) is not the same as Low THC Cannabis (Industrial Hemp). Industrial Hemp is an agricultural commodity and does not have the psychoactive possibilities that its plant relative does.

At Hempton Farms, we utilize the science of plant genetics as well as our experience in agriculture to ensure that our results are – not only compliant to Federal Agricultural regulations – but of the highest possible quality and integrity.


We want you to know that when you see the Hempton H, you know that it means quality and consistency. Whatever end product you may be working in (from CBD to clothing to concrete) the Hempton H lets you know that the crop has traveled through a family of like minds. From tilling the soil to the end product, it’s all Hempton.

At our very core is our mission to support the American farmer. Every day we are excited to see the possibilities. We’re here to help American farmers get back to doing what they love: farming.

By supporting farmers and showing them a new possibility, we’re also striving to stimulate the communities around them, in whatever way that they choose to utilize the whole plant.


Whether you’re starting the day, winding down or just hanging out. We’ve got a flower for you.