Hempton Farms is now offering their popular high-quality, American grown, smokable hemp flower in nitrogen can packaging. Long used in the preservation of edible items such as popular snack foods, nitrogen gas has been a staple of the food and beverage industry to preserve freshness, facilitate product integrity and elongate the life of whatever may be inside.

The four Hempton Farms strains available are: “Suver Haze”, “Purple Haze”, “Auto Pilot” and the ever-popular “Trophy Wife”. With impressive cannabinoid profiles, all strains in the Hempton Farms family of products are available in whole flower, portable loose grind, pre-rolls and extracted for CBD.

There are several advantages to nitrogen canned packaging for cannabis products like premium, smokable hemp flower. In the sealing process, the use of nitrogen displaces the oxygen from the container before sealing it closed. Oxygen is a major player in spoilage of biodegradable items and this oxidation leaves the end product vulnerable to bacteria, too. By removing that oxygen, the length of time that can pass before open is much longer, keeping the original farm quality note coming through, even after sitting on a shelf (unopened) for over 18 months.

Another positive to this type of containment is that it helps the smokable hemp flower withstand the journey to wherever it must go. The infusion of the air before sealing creates a pressurized environment which prevents package collapse and cushions the product inside. This same non-reactive, non-toxic gas is what keeps your favorite potato chips intact until you open the bag.

Recyclable and portable, with Hempton Farms Select, we are able to offer a premium hemp product with confidence for retailers, distributors and brands. All of our legal hemp flower is grown from the Hempton family of American farmers throughout the United States and third-party tested.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Hempton Farms family of partners, contact us today:

At Hempton Farms, we hold true to our commitment to integrity, consistency and proven American farming practices. It is with dedication to our Hempton family of farmers, partners, manufacturers, and brands that we strive to be facilitators of the highest and most consistent quality results in hemp-based agribusiness.

By standing firm in our values of integrity, quality, innovation and transparency, we are able to support American family hemp farming initiatives for the betterment of the industry and the communities that support it.

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