With multiple states throughout the United States adopting USDA rules for growing hemp, there are many who are looking forward to the opportunity to be involved in this agricultural renaissance of America. The passage of the Farm Bill in 2018 made hemp – once again – an agricultural commodity, and that has allowed for farmers throughout the country to consider growing the high yield crop.

This is why Hempton Farms is hosting Free Town Halls in North Carolina and Virginia. The evening events will consist of speakers from both Hempton Farms as well as industry experts discussing topics such as seed genetics, planting options, crop insurance, cultivation and hemp farm management.

“At our core, we are here to be a resource of experience for American farmers looking to grow hemp,” said Adam Traetow, Vice President of Agricultural Operations and Supply Chain. “It’s been exciting to host these throughout the country and to be able to answer questions for those interested in the hemp crop and what it can do.”

Being experienced in both hemp farming and agribusiness, Hempton Farms has been managing, consulting, growing and extracting federally legal hemp throughout the United States. From their consistent seed genetics to their compliant execution for hemp-based manufacturing, Hempton Farms has been passionate in revitalizing farming communities throughout the country.

“We are here to help those who have an interest in being a part of hemp but want more comprehensive information,” explained Cory Henke, Vice President of Business Development. “This is not a standard crop – in regulation or possibility – so we want farmers to feel comfortable in what they know and who they work with. If we can help them with their research in any way, we’re glad to do it.”

Hempton Farms is a collective of farmers, partners, manufacturers, and brands that strive to be facilitators of the highest and most consistent quality results in hemp-based agribusiness.

By standing firm in our values of integrity, quality, innovation and transparency, we are able to support American family hemp farming initiatives for the betterment of the industry and the communities that support it.

Holding true to our core, we are unified in our vision.
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