Hemp Flower

Hemp flower is the fruit of the cannabis sativa l plant that has been grown for HighCBD and Low THC content.

Hemp and Marijuana come from the same plant species Cannabis Sativa L which is why they have the same look and smell. Hemp flower is commonly grown for its high cbd content along with other minor cannabinoids like CBG or CBC while marijuana is commonly grown for its high THC content that produces a “high” effect.

From a legal standpoint, the difference between smokable hemp flower and marijuana is that hemp flower must have less than 0.3 delta 9 THC. You should always be able to check the levels of delta 9 THC from any company selling hemp flower by examining their certificate of analysis for each individual flower.

We certainly do feel that an all natural product like the flower itself in its purest form is the best way to go. In terms of bioavailability or the ability for your body to use what you consume, smoking hemp flower is the fastest and most well rounded way to receive the benefits of the cannabis plant. Other products are usually derivatives or isolates meaning that they have been extracted and combined in some way. Our products are straight from the earth to your doorstep.

Hemp buds are usually consumed by inhalation through your preferred smoking method. People also common use hemp flowers for teas, cooking, and oil pressing.

Besides all natural ingredients like soil, air and water. Smokable hemp flowers are a combination of cannabinoid and terpene molecules. You can learn more about both by checking out our blogs here.

Our 100% natural hemp flower is grown organically right here in the USA in the finest climates across the country. We. Are. Farmers. 👩 🌾 👨 🌾 🚜

Hempton Farms products are made with 100% American Grown Industrial Hemp which contains less than 0.3% THC. This minute amount of THC has no psychoactive effects. Some people report feeling relaxed and a slight buzz sensation. Given that this product is a natural plant, its compounds and molecules can change over time. We cannot guarantee that you will not feel “high” and buyers use at their own risk. We recommend a common sense policy  😎 😎 😎

Absolutely! You can vape the flower if that is your preferred method. We recommend vaping hemp flowers somewhere around the 370-400⁰ F range to maximize the effects.

Given that hemp buds are a natural plant product, shelf-life will greatly depend on the storage conditions. With proper storage conditions like humidity ranging between 55%-62% and air sealed in a dark place, hemp buds can last for up to 1 year.


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