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hempton farms genetics
hempton farms genetics


At Hempton Farms, we have established a unique seed genetics program. We utilize science and experience to target certain genetic traits and propagate new strains in order to answer the market demands of the seeds we plant and sell. We are dedicated to increasing the sophistication and outputs of each crop ensuring consistency and quality, from one harvest to the next.

The Hempton Process.

Our approach to researching genetics is creative and deliberate. Whether it is a need to focus more on one compound (like CBD or CBG) or facilitating a hybrid that is designed to pull unique terpene profiles, each Hempton Farms seed is propagated for a purpose.

In addition to breeding hemp seeds that are compliant and highly resilient, we also nurture the ultimate health of the plant and protect it from any potential rigors of the agricultural process.

If you are interested in our Genetic Seed Program, please fill out our request form and we will be glad to contact you to talk about how we can help.

hempton farms farmer partnerships
hempton farms farmer partnerships


At Hempton Farms, we’re a family of farms who happen to specialize in the growth, cultivation and management of industrial hemp. Industrial Hemp is classified as the cannabis sativa plant that has a THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) percentage of 0.3% or less. This is a non-psychoactive fast yield crop that is designated as an agricultural commodity. In 2018, the update to the definition in the U.S. Farm Bill made farming industrial hemp Federally legal.


As states continue to adopt their guidelines and preferences for growth, more farmers are finding an interest. At Hempton Farms, we are a coalition of like-minded individuals – farmers and experienced growers, partnering with the American farmer in mind.

If you’re a farmer who may be interested in growing hemp and learning more about Hempton Farms, and what we may be able to do with you, contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

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