The DNA of a premium flower

It all starts with selecting the best genetics and then farming it in a responsible way. As farmers ourselves, we take pride in growing varieties that give each of our customers the exact experience they are looking for.

Whether it is from our farm or one of our partners, we dig deep to find the finest flowers around.

Curated Smoking Experiences

With over 100 cannabinoids and hundreds of terpenes, we sought to bring you the best of both worlds in a diverse mix. Enjoy a range of flavors and experiences with the terpene profiles that we have curated from the ground up.

Grown in Optimum Climates

We grow hemp across the country including pristine locations like Hatch Valley New Mexico to bring out the best in our hemp products. Synergies from our soil, climate, and strain selection make our smokable hemp products perfect for you to live life at the peak.

Post Harvest Perfection

Great hemp flower means every stage is a careful and scientific process. We cure and dry our cbd hemp flower to make sure that the cannabinoids and terpenes are not only preserved but enhanced. Like a fine wine, our cure is sure to leave your taste buds wanting more.


Whether you’re starting the day, winding down or just hanging out. We’ve got a flower for you.